A variety of leaves will make your floral spray look more realistic. Add Piping Gel to your icing to keep your leaves and vines from breaking. Use 1/2 teaspoon Piping Gel for each cup of thin consistency icing.


Step 1: Make Main Vines:

Holding decorating bag at a 45° angle and using thin consistency icing with piping gel. Right handers: 45° at 3:00. Left handers: 45° at 9:00. Touch your tip lightly to the surface as you start to squeeze the bag. Move tip gently up and down to form "hills and valleys". To end the line, stop squeezing and pull the tip along the surface. This same technique is used to make the curving line. Practice piping single vines. Then try piping several vines together as if in a loose bouquet. Note that your eye is drawn to the point where the vines meet. That´s called the focal point. The focal point is where you will place the most flowers. Always use an odd number of main vines.

Step 2: Make Secondary Vines

Add these for a natural look. Be sure vines are evenly spaced to keep your spray in balance. Place tip into main vine, apply light pressure and gently pull out secondary vines. Stop pressure as you pull to a point.

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