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Help! How do I transport the Choo Choo Train Cake which is on a cake board? I have to travel 85 miles by car with it.

Sylvia - from Lutz, FL

As with any cake on a board, it’s important that you have enough icing on the cake board to keep the cake from moving. Then, place the cake and cake board into a cake box. Make sure the box isn’t too big; the cake board should not move. Also anchor the cake board in the box with tape. Finally, make sure the box doesn’t move around in your car. Place it on carpet foam or a non-skid mat on the floor of the car. Keep the box flat, and do not place on the car seat.

When you get to your destination and are ready to display the cake, cut the sides of the cake box to remove the cake. Take along some extra candies and icing to re-attach anything that might have fallen off during your trip!

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